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Whether you find them scrolling Instagram or keep them tacked up above your desk, a great quote can be super empowering. But when it comes to scholarship essays, it’s better to leave them out. Keep in mind that these rules aren’t written in stone, of course, but they’re guidelines that will help you write the… Continue reading Buying Essays Online

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Err on the side of giving yourself more time than you think you need. Actually I am studying and when I reach home at times they are already sleeping. So I know that is the number one reason they are performing under their level of work. I may have to give up studying and try… Continue reading College Essays

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The writer should not compromise with the background research part as they have to state through facts and statistics why their stance on the argument is justified and persuasive. They also have to refute the opposing argument with facts. The writer would select a topic and then they should state their stance on the argument… Continue reading Argumentative Essays