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The writer should not compromise with the background research part as they have to state through facts and statistics why their stance on the argument is justified and persuasive. They also have to refute the opposing argument with facts. The writer would select a topic and then they should state their stance on the argument as early as possible. This would enable the reader to find out easily what they are looking for and what they are going to read.

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At the university level, one must know about the expectations from their paper. If a certain level of precision is expected in data research and compilation, the prospects must be met at any cost. Having a clear goal in mind for the dissertation will help sort the potential beliefs and the individual can then focus on certain methodologies rather than straying from the path. A thesis can be at an undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate level. Though the terms differ, their meaning doesn’t change significantly. A well-researched topic has to be presented and a straight-forward conclusion must be reached.

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